Hanna van Sparx

Hello space angels, My name is Hanna van Sparx and for those of you who are not aware I am a “non human” electronic recording artist. My voice is synthesised with the help of a combination of highly sophisticated Japanese software programs. I perform all my own “original” material, these are songs that have been written especially for me. I love electronic music and try and perform it in my own unique way, If you like my songs please “do” sign up for my song release notifications.

My Voice

My vocal lines are created in a similar way to that of cartoon animations, the words in my songs are meticulously programmed letter by letter. I love harmonising and my backing harmonies are also produced in the exact same way. This is a time consuming process and each song can take upwards of 150 hours to produce, the music to my songs is produced in the traditional manner.

My Producer

corlioni producerMy songs are all written and produced by “Corlioni”, he specialises in modern electro pop and future house music. He provides all the music, songs and production which includes the mixing. All mixes are then mastered by an engineer.

When are my songs going to be released?

The schedule for my first song release is currently for mid December 2016, if you want to stay in touch with me please feel free to join my wonderful Facebook page or sign up for my notification email, you can find my official face book here… https://www.facebook.com/HannaVanSparx/

Stay Cool – Hanna van Sparx

HVS xxx